Commissioning Video - a Buyer's Guide
from Grapevine Communications

3girVideo can be a powerful, versatile communications tool, whether delivered via the web or on DVD.

But with a fast-evolving media environment and a bewildering array of service providers in the market, commissioning video production can have its pitfalls.

girl_01The challenge for the communicator with video, as with other media, is to find ways to align audience needs and interests with the commissioning organisation’s  goals. Very often, there’s an interesting and worthwhile story to be found and told - a story that can influence and perhaps persuade your target audience.

This buyer's guide covers all the essential stages of commissioning effective video, laying out the steps you need to take to ensure that your video works with your audience - and  you get what you pay for, when you need it.

Prepared for ACEVO by Grapevine Communications

ACEVO is the Association of Chief Executives of  Voluntary Organisations.
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